Specialists in applied geophysics


SIXENSE Geophysics is a leading provider of subsurface geophysics: measurements, processing and interpretation of data, recommendations and advice.


SIXENSE Geophysics : Our sectors of activity

Transportation Infrastructure
Surface Rail & Road - Tunnels & Metros - Waterways - Harbours & Airports

Heritage, City & Region

Heritage & Structures - Foundations & Excavations - Urban development - Natural Hazard


Energy & Industry

Dams & Water management - Oil & Gas - Electricity (Nuclear, Wind, Network) - Mines - Industry


Detect the Invisible


SIXENSE Geophysics is your ideal partner for quantifying, diagnosing and managing risks related to construction works.


Our multidisciplinary team has experience of more than 20 different methods and technologies to help you find the right solution for your problem.




Where are we based?


As part of the world renowned SIXENSE Group, SIXENSE Geophysics is operational on projects around the globe.


A message from the General Manager: Pierre Frappin

"The primary objective of SIXENSE Geophysics is the satisfaction of our customers. We must understand their current and future needs to provide them with appropriate solutions.


We are committed to providing a service of quality and are thus accredited to ISO 9001, as well as complying with the codes of practice of AGAP Quality - an association of professionals providing or using services in the field of applied geophysics.


In SIXENSE Geophysics, we also believe that quality work must be done safely and we are committed to maintain the zero accident rate on all our sites."



Our clients

Our services are used by public and private clients, including: