‘Cité de la Musique’ - 'future mecca of culture of the ‘Grand Paris’

November 2014

‘Ile Seguin-Rives de Seine’ is one of the largest development projects within Île-de-France. For over 20 years, it was a "brownfield site" which has experienced numerous legal obstacles.

Last year, the partnership contract for the ‘Cité de le Musique’ was signed between the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine and Bouygues Bâtiment, and on Saturday 5 July 2014 the first stone was laid on site. This project kicks off the development of the Ile Seguin.

Designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, in association with French Jean de Gastines, this unique cultural facility in France includes an auditorium with 1100 seats and a modular performance room of 4000-6000 places. Public opening scheduled for summer 2016. The egg-shaped auditorium will be wrapped in a shell of woven wood and placed on a mirror of water to seem more afloat.

SOLDATA Geophysic has worked in partnership with NAVARRA TS to make safe the pile locations and to carry out a pyrotechnic diagnostic for Soletanche Bachy, who was awarded by Bouygues the works to construct 695 piles, whose lengths vary from 20m to more than 30m deep.

It is the bombings of the last war and the superposition of multiple old RENAULT plants during the twentieth century that have caused the need for works to identify the pyrotechnic risk and other obstructions.

SOLDATA Geophysic was involved in mapping the subsurface, over a total area of approximately 23,500 m², using ground penetrating radar in order to provide guidance on the possible presence of these obstacles.