Integrated capabilities to select the most appropriate method to each situation



Used for:

  • geotechnical engineering applications
  • location of faults or cavities
  • location of aquifers
  • mining volume calculations
  • calculation of jet grouting column diameter


AGAP Approval of Quality: Continuous Electrical Current


Used for:

  • determination of geodynamic characteristics of the subsoil
  • estimation of seismic risk according to Eurocode 8
  • measurement of attenuation parameters of the ground
  • control of length and integrity of foundations
  • calculation of jet grouting column length
  • locating and assessing volume and extent of mineral deposits
  • tracing the top of bedrock
  • reconstructing an internal structure of the ground


AGAP Approval of Quality: MASW
AGAP Approval of Quality: Seismic Refraction
AGAP Approval of Quality: Seismic Transmission


Used for:

  • detection of shallow cavities over large areas, decompressions, hollows
  • detection of service networks, underground structures, pollution or pyrotechnic articles
  • mapping of concrete structures
  • pavement condition evaluation
  • qualification of potential impacts of borings, drillings, digging and microtunnelling under railways
  • surveying, from a borehole, a radius around a drilling
  • 3D archaeology


AGAP Approval of Quality: Ground Penetrating Radar


Used for:

  • determination of geology at a site
  • investigation of water tables, water circulation and location of catchment zones
  • determination of areas at risk of karst cavities


AGAP Approval of Quality: Electromagnetism with close transmitters


Used for:

  • mineral prospecting
  • investigation of concrete structures
  • pile length checks
  • UXO detection



Used for:

  • study of the risk of cavities
  • identification of natural and anthropogenic cavities
  • geological studies


AGAP Approval of Quality: Gravimetry


Used for:

  • visualisation of temperature gradients, heated floors, heat bridges, insulation defects, leaks or water infiltration
  • control of foundations